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The Vehicle Information Management System (VIMS) is your window into Manheim for sellers, providing information about your vehicles to assist in getting the best results.

As part of the Manheim website, VIMS provides a comprehensive set of reports matched to your business needs. The reports are interactive, giving you full control over when to release vehicles for sale and setting reserve prices. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Manage your stock any time from wherever you are
  • Comprehensive, customisable reports and drill-downs cover all facets from transport and logistics through to inspections, road tests, photography, evaluations, auctions, remittances and analysis
  • User interface provides information in an easy to use format and you can export reports to PDF for distribution or to Excel for further analysis
  • Efficient two-way communication of transport, stock identifiers, rectification orders, pricing and more saves you time and money
  • Direct connections between VIMS and our SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system eliminates delays


  • Inbuilt cost recovery tools help you bill unfair wear and tear back to the originator
  • ValueFinder links provide current market pricing on each vehicle
  • Flexible security allows you to restrict confidential information such as pricing with key changes shown through an audit trail
  • Fully secured website protects the confidentiality of your information


Manheim’s ValueFinder is a powerful analytical tool for vehicle fleet owners and managers, providing an insight into current market conditions for your vehicles.

You can view the current market value of all used passenger cars and light commercial vehicles sold at Manheim in Australia, supplemented by industry price guide information. ValueFinder lets you select model variants by build year, make, model, engine, transmission and body style. It presents sales of these vehicles graphically, showing the relationship between odometer reading, location, sale age and the sold price. Every vehicle sold is represented as a dot on the graph.

ValueFinder shows you:

Benefits of ValueFinder include:

  • The approximate value of a particular vehicle
  • How sales results for a vehicle type and model compare to an alternative make and model
  • How the used car market is tracking over specific time frames
  • Local market variations with location filters
  • Colour and options of vehicles sold.
  • Daily updates provide the most up-to-date market intelligence and the ability to monitor market trends as they occur
  • Information can be exported to Excel for further analysis
  • Graphs can include 'retail', 'trade' and 'trade low' prices as supplied by independent industry source Glass's Guide, particularly useful on low volume vehicles.

VIMS Graph
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