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11:29AM on Tue 31 July 2018
Cody Strickland 0407 082 738
Location: Lane 3, Moorebank, Sydney, New South Wales
Other info: ***VIEWING MONDAY & TUESDAY***- *ALL VEHICLES ARE OFFERED ASIS WHERE IS* Catalogues & Images are to be used as a guide only.Vehicles located at Moorebank unless otherwise stated in thecatalogue. A late payment fee of $110 will be added to the buyersaccount for any vehicle which is not paid within 48hrs of purchase.
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2016 Nissan X-Trail T32 Ti S/Wagon
Bid via Simulcast
2.5L, Injection, Petrol, CVT, Four Wheel Drive, White, 8,437 KM Showing, DSL65A, No WOVR Record
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2015 Hyundai i30 GD3 2.0P SR Premium Hatch
Bid via Simulcast
4Cyl, 2.0L, Injection, Petrol, 6spd Manual, Front Wheel Drive, Phantom Black, 37,458 KM Showing, KTF207, No WOVR Record, Comp Date:08/2015
Icon Arrow Features: Leather Trim
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2015 Toyota Rav 4 A4 GX ZSA42R 4x2
Bid via Simulcast
4Cyl, 2.0L, Injection, Petrol, 7spd CVT, Front Wheel Drive, Ink, 93,053 KM Showing, DME48N, No WOVR Record, Comp Date:09/2015
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