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2017 Hamm GRW280-10 Multi wheel roller

2017 Hamm GRW280-10 Multi wheel roller

Key details

4,403 HR Showing
134hp Deutz 4 cyl Injection
Multi wheel roller
  • Multi-Tyre
  • OH&S:Plant Safety Advice
  • ROPS
Build Year 2017
Make: HAMM
Body Type: Multi wheel roller
Model: GRW280-10
Hour: 4,403 HR Showing
Engine: 4 Cyl 4.0 L
Fuel Type: Diesel
Capacity: 4.0 L
TARE: 8,485 KG
VIN H2290625
Full Vehicle Details

• Weight: 9.65 tons • Transport Length: 4.67mt • Transport Width: 2.144mt • Transport Height: 2.994mt • Drive: Electric (E) • Max Total Weight: 23t • Travel Speed: 19 km/h • Roller Width: 2.084mt • Wheels: 4/4 configuration • Turning Radius (Outside): 6.798mt • Engine Manufacturer: Deutz • Engine Type: TCD2012 L04 2V • Engine Power: 100 kW • LOCATED IN ADELAIDE, SA

Item Location

Elizabeth South, South Australia

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